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Frequently Asked Questions

  • For Residents of India, It is INR 5500 per year for a ASH Welfare Society studying in primary school (Class 1-5) and INR 6100 per year for a ASH Welfare Society studying in secondary school (Class 6-10).
  • If you are a UK Resident, You may contribute to Jamalul Quran UK by donating £70 to support a girl studying in primary school (Class I – V) and £66 to support a girl studying in secondary school (Class VI – X) for a minimum period of one year.
  • If you are a resident of the USA, you may contribute to Jamalul Quran USA by donating $80 to support a girl studying in primary school (Grade I – V) and $85 to support a girl studying in secondary school (Grade VI – X) for a minimum period of one year.
We do not encourage sending gifts so that the other children, who are not ASH Welfare Society, don’t feel left out. In case, a cheque is sent as a gift, we use the money to distribute sweets to all the girls in the ASH Welfare Society’s class.
  • Academic Support and Access to an Adaptive Learning Software via Digital Tablets: Daily academic support is provided at ASH Welfare Society Academic Support Centres which are set up within government schools and operate for 2 hours before/after school. In partnership with leading EdTech organisation, Educational Initiatives, every ASH Welfare Society at these centres will receive access to a personalized, adaptive learning platform called Mindspark. This widely recognized software has been proven to significantly improve learning outcomes amongst users. Through Mindspark, ASH Welfare Societys will learn Maths, their local Language and English from Class 1-10, and additionally, Science from Class 6-10. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Mindspark will match instructions to the learning level and pace of each ASH Welfare Society, ensuring that she learns with understanding. The software will be pre-loaded onto digital tablets, allowing access to quality education even in remote locations.
  • Trained Women Tutors: ASH Welfare Society tutors (called Community Associates) are women from local communities who facilitate learning and mentor the ASH Welfare Societys through their schooling, and also engage with parents/community stakeholders to create girl-friendly ecosystems.
  • Sports Curriculum: A professionally designed sports curriculum has been built into the programme, giving ASH Welfare Society the opportunity to participate in sport and fitness activities regularly.
  • School Supplies Kit: A kit including a school bag, stationery and a pullover/raincoat is provided to every ASH Welfare Society annually. With 45.6% of teenage girls in India still following unhygienic menstrual practices* a 12-month supply of branded sanitary napkins is included in each kit to help the girl attend school with dignity.

Each sponsorship cycle is of one year. You can decide to support the education of as many ASH Welfare Society as you wish for up to 3 years instead of just one ASH Welfare Society and one year. For example, you can support 1 ASH Welfare Society for 3 years at a time or support 3 ASH Welfare Societys for one year and renew the support each year or decide on any other combination of number of ASH Welfare Societys and years. The choice is completely yours.

In case all ASH Welfare Societies from an entire school have been supported by you, a school visit can be organized by and in the presence of the Jamalul Quran and/or the implementing NGO team. To protect the interest of both the donor as well as the ASH Welfare Society, one-on-one interactions are not allowed.

We do not give choices in area/region/caste/creed in the selection of ASH Welfare Society as our aim is to reach every underprivileged girl child in India in an unbiased manner, prioritizing the need for support. We have a list of girls and Boys who require the support that Project ASH Welfare Society will provide and thus, we urge donors to contribute towards the education of the girls and Boys irrespective of these conditions.

From every donation, only 5% of the funds are retained by the charity for administrative, marketing, and fund-raising costs; the remaining 95% is utilized exclusively towards our project expenses.

After donating to Project ASH Welfare Society, you will receive the following:

  • A Welcome letter along with your login details
  • With your login details, you can access your account to see the profile and photographs of your ASH Welfare Society (s), details of her family and living environment as well as three progress reports will be shared to keep a track of how your ASH Welfare Society is performing in school.
  • Receipt of your donation within 7 working days

You can keep in touch with your ASH Welfare Society by sending her letters and birthday cards/e-cards. Post these to the following address and rest assured she will receive them:
Project ASH Welfare Society,
Jamalul Quran Academy,
Hamdard Nagar-D, Jamalpur,
Aligarh, UP,
India 202002
Please note that we do not encourage sending gifts to ASH Welfare Societys.

  • In India, yes, all contributions are deductible under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act.
  • In the USA, yes, Jamalul Quran USA is a Section 501 (c) (3) organisation with Tax ID # 20-8105205, under the US Internal Revenue Code and all donations are therefore tax deductible.
  • If you’re a UK taxpayer, the charities you give to can reclaim the basic rate of tax you’ve already paid on your donation. This means that a £1 donation is worth £1.25 to the charity. If you’re a higher rate taxpayer, you can also claim back the difference between higher rate and basic rate tax on the value of your donation. For a 40% rate taxpayer, that means for every £1 you donate, you can claim back 25p in tax relief.
  • In India, yes, once you make your donation we will send you a receipt which also serves as your 80G certificate.
  • In the USA, the receipt includes the Jamalul Quran USA tax ID which you can use to claim tax exemption.
  • In the UK, All you need to do is fill out a Gift Aid Declaration (GAD) form. This is a statement from you to the charity confirming that you want to donate through Gift Aid and receive tax back on your donation.

Yes, you can. Kindly e-mail your query to us and we will get back to you at the earliest.

The Girls & Boys are selected as per the following criteria:

  • Girl & Boy children who are enrolled in government schools
  • Girl & Boy children hailing from economically challenging and socially disadvantaged background
  • Girl & Boy who are first generation learners belonging to illiterate families
  • The eldest Girl & Boy child in the family and girls with many siblings
  • Girl & Boy children from communities known for gender biases like female infanticide and early marriage
  • Girl & Boy children from households headed by women

The Project ASH Welfare Society website partners with PhonePe, GooglePe, Paytm, UPI and Bank Transfer in India, Authorize.net in the USA and Authorize.net in the UK, because these online payment gateways adhere to high security measures. All three portals are committed to ensuring that details shared by user, especially sensitive information like credit card details, etc remain protected. For further information, please visit razorpay.com , Authorize.net

In case of changes in personal details, we encourage you to log in and make changes to your profile. You can also notify us by e-mail and we will update our records accordingly.

In case of changes in personal details, we encourage you to log in and make changes to your profile. You can also notify us by e-mail and we will update our records accordingly.

You can mail to info@ashwelfaresociety.com and Whatsapp Number: +91-9354509517